looking back.

June 15, 2006

so today i try to start following the bible plan that’s emailed to me every day. i plan to go about it one step at a time, ergo, i’m planning to finish the new testament in a year. slow you might say? slow and steady wins the race. anyway, my thoughts and insights upon reading the very first chapter of the New Testament:

the New Testament starts off with the genealogy of Jesus. it is quite long but definitely packs a lot of punch. with abraham, isaac, and jacob as the opening ancestors. rahab, ruth, boaz, king david, and solomon in the middle. and of course Jesus for the grand finale. how can you go wrong? hahaha. (and i’m sure the others in between were also people of great faith to be included in God’s Word)

genealogys offer the background and origin of a person. it was the first thing mentioned in the NT, so it must be important, or worth knowing about right? but in this day and age, does ancestry still matter? with so many people making it on their own, without relying on family name, fortune, etc., does your history still have a say on your life and future? what does this mean to us now, in the 21st century?

i think now its not about looking back, but looking forward. not really looking in the past to define your future, but letting your present define your future. maybe even being at the start of the generation whose life is surrendered to Christ. being the abraham of your lineage. think about that.

and one more thing, just because some generations may side track, that doesn’t mean that the whole lineage is ruined.(same goes with other things in life)

life is never meant to be perfect, just lived with excellence.


One Response to “looking back.”

  1. hi Gisela! how are you? hope all’s well with you =) miss u!

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