after eight years.

May 18, 2014

How time flies. I decide to open this account again to document our upcoming trip, and I see all these previous entries. It seems like lightyears away, but at the same time as if it was just yesterday.

Let’s see how different things will be now, or will they stay the same?


I have been on a journey for the past 5 or 6 months. A journey to find myself. A journey to find my heart. This journey I took on willingly, not knowing the perils I would face or the things I would lose onceI stepped out into it. There was a job I left behind, a person I love that I hurt, and a ministry that I enveloped myself in for all the selfish reasons. I could say I was looking for God.But He found me first. He took all the things that kept me comfortable and disrobed me of all the things that kept me secure. He took the things I was proud of, the people I was with and the activities I did to make myself secure, and most of all, He took away the person I loved.He did this, so I could have Him back. And only when I was naked and weeping in the darkest corners of the night did I need Him like I always should have needed Him. Like air, like water and sunlight. Now I am on my way back, clothed in grace and His righteousness. My way back is also a journey, to take back the things I lost, and find them again, but this time,with a right heart.